Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility


Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER)


Meiban strives to uphold Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility towards our staff, customers and suppliers. We ensure that we deal fairly with all business partners and in all commercial transactions. We are committed to ensure human rights are respected at the countries we operate in and uphold legal labor practices.

We care for our environment and we believe in leaving our green and beautiful world for our next generations to enjoy. As such, we ensure that our purchase of components and parts are ethically sourced and that the suppliers we work with have the same mindset.

We believe in building up our community. In Meiban, we have annual charity events that bless the underprivileged families. We also organize sports events for our operators and staff. In addition, we believe in supporting tertiary educational institutions in book prizes, project collaborations and internships.



Meiban is committed to ongoing health and safety standards for our employees, customers and visitors to our facility.


Meiban has zero-tolerance towards theft, fraud, bribery, violence and corruption. We seek to take disciplinary and/or legal action against those found to have committed the above mentioned activities.


Meiban takes care that our selected suppliers abide to an environmental-friendly practice. We will only purchase from suppliers who deal fairly in their business.


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